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Things to know beforehand:

I don't take on everyone who approaches me.
Sometimes, though very rarely, I will read a bit of a book and have absolutely no idea how to edit it.
To make sure this doesn't happen, I like to read the first three chapters of your book before committing.
This way, my time and your money isn't wasted.


How long does it take?
The thing about string.

Are you scary? 
I don't think so. I'm friendly. And I have the sort of face that means if a charity collector is choosing between stopping me and someone else they will always choose me.

Are you/is it expensive?
Probably, yes. There is no industry standard for freelance editorial rates. We charge what we think we are worth, taking into account our level of experience. But generally having a book edited is expensive, and most editors will have trouble lowering their standards to work faster and cheaper. We're just made that way.

What is the author–editor relationship like?
For the most part it's fruitful, inspiring, fun. I generally miss my authors when we've finished our job together and they miss me. (So they say.) I've only ever worked with one or two writers who don't like being edited. For most people it's a huge relief to have someone look at their work with fresh eyes and give practical solutions. I am not a hands-off editor. I often write into scenes, not with the expectation you'll use my words, but as a way to show you where I think it could head. The best times are when I put in something that I think is really great, like a joke for Jessica Rudd's character Ruby Stanhope, and the writer does what Jess did—leapfrog me with something far funnier and cleverer in about forty seconds. Occasionally I fall in love with your characters.

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