Word house

Word House is two-time PM's-Literary-Award winner Cath Crowley (Words in Deep Blue, Take Three Girls) and editor and writer Alison Arnold. Together we run retreats about creative wellbeing and occasional workshops.

'I did your workshop at a crucial stage in rewriting All That Impossible Space – many of the techniques I still use all the time. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.' Anna Morgan

We say goodbye to the Lake House and hello to Carrington House

Our third retreat is finished! Walks around a misty lake, the Lake House as venue for a (fictional) Agatha-Christie-style murder mystery, nine ace women at all different stages of their writing lives, a glorious guided meditation in which we all nearly fell asleep, so many laughs, discussions about writing and creativity. Hats and pipes.

Next retreat: Carrington House, Daylesford, May 2020

Editing and writing

I have been a book editor for seventeen years – how the time flies. I offer developmental, structural and line editing to emerging non-contracted writers, as well as working for publishers on a freelance basis.

I am a helper of writers, a polisher of words, a lover of story, a safe but incisive pair of hands.

I am also a writer.

I have been told that I edit the way a writer writes – from the inside out.

This is a review of an edit I did for emerging writer I.H. Laking.