Writing and wellness retreat,
Lake House, Daylesford

Retreat. Restore. Reset.

‘Creative workshop from the dream-team. Treat yourself to some inspiration and nurturing.’
Fiona Wood

‘There was laughter, there were tears, there was wonderful food, great coffee, stunning views, sinking to sleep in luxurious beds, and waking up to birdcalls in the morning. And over and above all of that, the fellowship of other women who love words, the leadership, experience and wisdom of two very special individuals in Ali and Cath, and some tangible tools to further my writing journey. 
Loved every minute. Wish I was back there…’
Amy, September 2018 retreat


‘If I close my eyes, I can see the clean bright creamy walls of my room framing the lake and almost hear the honk of a happy foie gras. My well is replenished and I can’t remember the last time I felt so fully me.’
Kat, September 2018

Walking the lake, September 2018

Walking the lake, September 2018

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‘A blissful experience.’
BR, September 2018

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Amy’s dessert, a work of art, September 2018

Amy’s dessert, a work of art, September 2018

September 2018

September 2018

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Daylesford in AUTUMN is one of the most beautiful places in the country. 

"There’s a rhythm to life at our house on the lake," says Lake House owner Alla Wolf-Tasker, "a sequence of ongoing daily rituals…Bread is rolled, fresh flowers are arranged, coffee is ground, tables are set…The rhythm continues on through the day and into the evening, with the soft murmur of guests and the clink of glasses. Final lights out offers a mere few hours respite before the bakers return and the rhythm resumes once again."

Join Cath Crowley and Alison Arnold—writers, kind hosts and creative explorers—at the one-of-a-kind Lake House and discover its beautiful rhythms for yourself.

Book now for Autumn: 25–27 March 2019

This two-night, three-day getaway will be a balance of:

  • Writing. Map, write and journal your way to an understanding of how writing can enhance your wellbeing.

  • Good conversation with like-minded people. We spend time talking about what it is to live a creative life, what works and what needs adjustment.

  • Incredible food! The Two Chefs Hats Lake House restaurant is famed for its seasonal menu. We knew the food would be good when we first went, but actually we had no idea. In early spring we ate poached quinces and a winter fruit compote. The beef melted in our mouths. We wished they would sell us their bread. The vegetarian tart with a celeriac side was the best thing Ali has ever eaten.

  • Time. To enjoy your luxury waterfront room with a view over the lake and a balcony for reading. To enjoy the six acres of garden sloping down to the lake. To enjoy a cup of tea in the Argyle Library and read the paper. The infinity pool will be ready by autumn—bring your bathers and be brave. There is also a hot tub at the Salus Spa, a tennis court, and a walking track around gorgeous Lake Daylesford.

  • Development. 30 mins individual conversation with Ali and Cath in their professional capacity as editor and writer and industry experts. Pick our brains. Tell us where you’re at. Purely optional.

You will leave feeling:

  • Nurtured and restored.

  • That you’ve discovered the link between creativity and wellness, and are able to bring this into your everyday life.

  • That you can see what a happier creative life might look like.

  • Proud of what you’ve achieved.

  • A little bit more in love with yourself and with life.

25–27 March 2019
2 early bird spots: $2750
full cost: $2950

Read a WRAP UP of our first retreat, spring 2108.

Our BROCHURE is now available.


EMAIL US with any questions or to secure your place.

Here we are being INTERVIEWED by Karen Willis of Sharing Bali and Beyond.

The lobby, where you may sit, read and have a cup of tea.

The lobby, where you may sit, read and have a cup of tea.

‘Working’ in the Pavilion Room, September 2018

‘Working’ in the Pavilion Room, September 2018