Retreat. Restore. Replenish.

‘Creative workshop from the dream-team. Treat yourself
to some inspiration and nurturing.’
Fiona Wood

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Daylesford in spring is one of the most beautiful places in the country. 

"There’s a rhythm to life at our house on the lake," says Lake House owner Alla Wolf-Tasker, "a sequence of ongoing daily rituals…Bread is rolled, fresh flowers are arranged, coffee is ground, tables are set…The rhythm continues on through the day and into the evening, with the soft murmur of guests and the clink of glasses. Final lights out offers a mere few hours respite before the bakers return and the rhythm resumes once again."

Join Cath Crowley and Alison Arnold—writers, creative explorers and experience-makers—at the one-of-a-kind Lake House and discover its beautiful rhythms for yourself.

Book now for September 2018.

This two-night, three-day getaway will be a balance of:

  • Writing for wellness—journalling, mapping, and exercises to inspire joy.
  • Food!—the Two Chefs Hats Lake House restaurant is famed for its cutting edge, seasonal menu.
  • Good conversation with like-minded people.
  • Time to enjoy your surrounds: your luxury Waterfront room, the Lake House's six acres of country garden sloping down to the lake, and the gorgeous town of Daylesford itself.

You will leave feeling:

  • Replenished and restored, having discovered the link between creativity and wellness, and able to bring this into your everyday life.
  • Supported and nurtured.
  • A little bit more in love with yourself and with life.

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EMAIL US with any questions or to secure your place.

Here we are being INTERVIEWED by Karen Willis of Sharing Bali and Beyond.

To take place: 10–12, September 2018 (Mon–Wed)
Cost: $2950
Over 65: $2700



 The lobby, where you may sit, read and have a cup of tea.

The lobby, where you may sit, read and have a cup of tea.